See how we grew this local electrical company

From 47 leads to - 274+ LEADS per month ...In under six months!

Watch this video to take a sneak peek into our clients LIVE Google Analytics account (recorded 22/10/2019)

Why Did You Receive This Video?

It’s simple really…

I’m looking for the next company I can DOUBLE, triple or even quadruple their leads in the next 6 months (see video above)

See, I stumbled across your website the today… 

And as it turns out, we specialise in helping companies just like yours get more leads, and make more sales.

So, I thought it would be worthwhile giving you a call.

Here’s the thing…

I noticed that on your site, there were a number of things wrong. And these issues are actually preventing you from getting more customers.

…Worst still, I see your competitors are ‘stealing your customers’, because of this (and other reasons)

Good news is…

I know how to fix these issues – FAST…

…and I wanted to share the solutions with you, sound fair enough!?

Now, just to be 100% clear! 

…I’m not asking for anything in return…ZERO …Nada …Nothing! 

Just the opportunity to meet with YOU. 

And If we do meet…

The strategies I’ll share are yours to keep and use as you wish! 

My goal is to simply introduce myself and help you!

And look, If I do a great job, 

…maybe I’ll impress you enough, and you’ll hire me and my team to help you.

But, that’s totally up to you …(no high-pressure sales here

As I said. There are No-Stings-Attached and I hope this helps.

Marcus Jovanovich

P.S. – If you did want some help with your marketing, of course, I’d be happy to chat. To book a call with me to find out what else I could do to help, simply hit the button and schedule a ‘Marketing Strategy Call’ 

Here's What Others Say...

“On just one campaign alone, Marcus’s work made us $347,000 in under 10 days! His loyalty and commitment is commendable. When it comes to high level business, sales and marketing strategies he’s the real deal”
Andrew Pappas
Gold Coast, QLD
"Marcus and his team have been truly amazing! Strongly recommend their service to anyone looking at increasing their online presence and gaining critical insight into their business."
Caroline Carlton
Brisbane. QLD
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